Amit U, Sujal P, Deepak S, Robin R, "Intelligence Driven Agricultural Ecosystem in Nepal:A review" International Conference (NRACC-2019) on 17-19 August, Kathmandu, Nepal

Abstract- ICT combined with recent surge in big data technologies and high-performance computing has created incredible potential to upgrade the current conventional way of Farming in Nepalese Domain. We present a comprehensive review on application of Information Technology with a focus on Data Analytics and Intelligent systems in optimizing agricultural production. We hypothesized agriculture as a linear process involving :1) Plantation Phase 2) Production Phase 3) Distribution phase , on which we studied the potential impact of ICT. The Plantation phase reviews supervised learning in predicting suitability of the crop for a given location acknowledging the attributes of soil like salinity , sodicity, pH and alkalinity along with average temperature in the region and data driven yield prediction of crops. The second phase is concerned with monitoring of crop quality during the production with advanced Image processing techniques (Deep Convolutional neural network) to detect ripening in crops and disease with state of the art accuracy. Distribution phase studies tremendous impact of online platform for linking right crop sellers (most likely farmers) to potential buyers thus eliminating agents from the scene. These technologies are a must to revolutionize the traditional agricultural trend in Nepal by a smarter data driven approach.

Robin R, Amit U, Bidhan R, Shoaib M, "Salient Sentence Extraction of Nepali Online Health News Texts" International Journal of Advanced Social Sciences (IJAHSS) , April, 2019

Abstract --Exponential growth of the Nepali language content has made information processing and retrieval prominent. We cannot possibly create summaries of all of the text manually; there is a great need for automatic methods. Textual information in the form of digital documents quickly accumulates to huge amounts of data. Most of this large volume of documents is unstructured: it is unrestricted and has not been organized into traditional databases. Processing documents is therefore a perfunctory task, mostly due to the lack of standards. We present you with a prototype android application to aid users in reading news by providing a sentence-based summary of the Nepalese news.